Friday, 7 August 2009


As I sit here in the home office on what is turining out to be a very quiet day at work, I contemplate the sunshine and 25C temperature, and how I wish I was jetting off somewhere to a summer holiday of beer, sun, beer, family time, beer, fun, beer, and sun.

My email inbox is empty, my To Do list is complete, my admin is all up to date. A little surfing, but Facebook is quiet today, the poker forums even quieter.

I mention to a friend online that I haven't played much live poker for a while and am longing for the World Championships of Amateur Poker in late August. Online poker is proving a fruitless exercise right now, and has become a little tedious. Gone are the days of playing at levels that made my heart race - my bankroll is decimated, and the rebuilding is proving to be very very boring. Somehow sitting for hours playing online for pennies is losing the appeal - this time last year I was played in pots that on occasion exceeded $1,000 - now the biggest I see is $20!

It's live tournament poker that gets my juices flowing now, and I wish I could play a little more often.

Whilst I'm sitting in a period of almost meditation, Katharine appears at the office door to check her diary with me as she has an entry that says I'm playing a team game at DuskTilDawn tonight and tomorrow. I ruefully point out that the event was cancelled due to lack of interest....... but then the little imp on my shoulder points out that as I was not expected to be home tonight, perhaps I wouldn't be missed.........

.........and now instead of waiting for the WCOAP in three weeks for my next live poker, I only have to wait til tonight!! Suddenly feeling awake again.

Hopefully my next entry on this blog will be made tomorrow morning in celebration of a win tonight.


EDIT Saturday morning......

Well, nursed a short stack all evening and finally finished 18th. Had two decent pros (Tom McCready and Tony Phillips) at my table for most of the game, and between them they made play quite tough. Spent three hours playing cash after my tourney exit, and managed a whopping profit of £5. At an earnings rate of £1.67/hour I won't be giving up work any time soon :(

Got home at 3.35 this morning...... yawwwwn


  1. Tony Phillips wasn't playing

  2. who are you "anonymous"? and who was the guy at the final table in the blue check shirt? thought that was tony.

  3. It was Richard Jones I believe. He won the comp.

  4. thanks. who are you though?

  5. A stalker. lol.