Monday, 22 February 2010

The other guy ALWAYS has Aces!!

So with this new approach to bankroll management, and the continual small withdrawals, my bankroll doesn't build to a level from which I can take a shot at the $215 Sunday majors. Instead, I have to make do with the Pokerstars Sunday donkament - the $11 buy-in $250k guaranteed..... my attempt to try and win big from a small buy in.

It's such a fishy tournament that cashing is rarely a problem, despite the fields regularly growing to over 25000.... however cashing with a big enough stack to get really deep is a different issue.

Last night saw a field of just under 37,000 runners, and for the first time ever, I hit the money with a decent stack that might, just might, make a difference. Without getting many strong hands or situations, I somehow found my way to the last 300, and at one point was as high as 30th.

After a table move, and finding myself two the left of a humungous stack who seemed to be playing every hand, I found what felt like a great spot for a re-steal. In the Big Blind with pocket threes, it felt like the perfect spot to shove over the top of the humungous stack's button raise - so in went my 2x average stack, and of course he had...... AA, and despite a flush draw on the turn, I was out at 01:30 this morning for $150, falling 252 places short of a $30k payday.

Mildly gutted to say the least. Why do they always have Aces?

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