Monday, 26 July 2010

Finding feet

That profit on Day3 made a significant difference to my mindset, even though it ended up being quite a very small profit in the end - $40 at 6% ROI..... but a profit is a profit, and it's wayyyy better than a loss!!

Importantly, it reminded me that I can play, and that I shouldn't play scared of losing someone else's money.
  • Day4: 21 STTs, profit of $296, ROI 67%
  • Day5: 8 STTs, profit of $146, ROI 121%

Total for first 5 days:

  • STTs played - 120
  • Buy in - $1,881
  • Payout - $2,122
  • Profit - $241
  • ROI - 13%

So, feeling a little better, and looking to try and maximise profit for what's left of July. Am away for most of August, so again will looking to maximise ROI over a small number of games. September's target though will be to break even over a much larger set of games and to earn a volume based bonus - need to get in 1500 tourneys in the month for a $2k bonus on top of any profit.

Just wish I could do this on PokerStars instead of iPoker - the traffic volume on iPoker really is poor, even at peak times. That's my biggest challenge to getting through the significant volume requirements.

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