Tuesday, 30 April 2013

ISPT Satellite frenzy

If there's anyone reading this who is serious about poker in any way, and you aren't playing the ISPT satellites on DTD Poker, you're missing out on some serious free value.  The overlay in these satellites is just ridiculous!

I'm not rolled to play the €30 events consistently, however they are so soft and should not be avoided - I've invested in many of the €2r feeders for the past week, and have built up a stack of six €33 tokens thus far. Many of the €2r feeders run with the same dozen people every hour of the day, and I can count on one hand the number of regs who have a clue how to play these effectively.  I fear that the traffic will increase over time as we get nearer the event - but for now I will enjoy taking free money.

The most productive feeder sats are daily at 19:30 - a €3r, with 50 seats guaranteed.

The Sunday night €30 (1R1A) Mega Satellite last Sunday had 200 day one €300 seats guaranteed, ie €60k gte.  It attracted only 488 runners, and ended up with significant overlay. It's running again this Sunday - I shall be there to have another bash at taking some more free money.

The Facebook and Twitter freerolls were actually harder to cash in than the daily €30 satellites! I finished 21st (10 seats) in the Facebook freeroll, and around 80th in the Twitter Freeroll. The blogger's freeroll next week should be interesting - hoping for very low numbers :)

Despite all that, I still only have a single day one seat so far - I'm aiming for at least three to give me the best chance of getting to Wembley.

Come on peeps - get in and fill yer boots!

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