Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Glory is fun, but counts for nothing back in the real world

So having won the APAT UK Championship, I spent the next week trying to come down from an incredible high. The volume of personal well-wishes from the forums I contribute to was amazing and made me feel on top of the world - thanks to everyone who took the time to pass on nice comments.

I've been on TV twice in a week, mentioned in a local rag, and interviewed for a poker wesbite news item. Wow!

BUT, as I have found at back at the felt and virtual tables - it all counts for nuthin, nada, zilch!!

On Monday I visited the Broadway in Birmingham to participate in a side event of their winter festival. Prior to my APAT win, a £110 was beyond my bankroll for a live MTT - now I had no qualms investing at this level. I arrived full of confidence and it was a pleasure to meet a fellow APAT forumite at the bar who recognised me from my publicity :) I also bumped into a mate who I hadn't seen in over 12 years!!

I took my seat and didn't recognise anyone at the table - but two people asked me if I had won something recently a they recognised me from TV - flippin eck, this is getting silly now! One empty seat at my table immediately to me right - checked the ticket, and OMG it was only Dave Colclough!! What a great opportunity to test my new found confidence.

El Blondie turned up 10 mnutes late (customary late entrance for a pro?) and proceeded to play the first hand he was dealt.... and I managed to give him a third of my stack when I turned a set against his nut straight - happy to say that I managed a good fold to his river raise though. The tourney didn't last too much longer for me, and I exited after running 99 into AA just after the first break.

So back to online grinding with little success, and confidence from the APAT win is waning. Then IT happened. IT being the most amazingly bad 12 minutes of my poker playing career.

I joined two .25/.50 NL ring games on Titan, and in the first hand on one table I ran KK into AA all in preflop and lost a buy in.... and in the first hand on the other table I ran TT into 66 on a board of 689 and lost another buy in. Within 3 hands of that, I picked up KK and managed to get all in preflop against AA again! Decided it was less risky at this stage to try a Single Table SnG for $22.... but in the first hand I picked up AQo in a multiway limped pot and saw a flop of AQJ (all diamonds).... an opening bet and two flat calls gave me loads of value to make a big squeeze bet, and that coupled with my tilty state of mind left me with one option - I shoved, and the guy who called must have wet himself - he had flopped a royal flush!!

After 12 minutes of play, and total losses of $193, I decided my bankroll needed a rest and I quit!!

So APAT glory is one thiing, and I welcomed and enjoyed all the aftermath - but the level of over-confidence it has given me is punishing!! Back to the micro stakes grind for now, and off to Walsall for a GUKPT side event on Sunday.

At least my feet are firmly back on the ground going into the Walsall event!!

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  1. You only blog when your when your winning!!!