Friday, 27 March 2009

Online is definitely better than live!!

At least I think so after last night's debacle. I made my annual outing to DTD with the intention of playing the £55 Thursday night tournament, and then a little cash if knocked out early.

Having played successfully for a while during the day online and clearing just over $200 playing .25/.50, I was full of confidence. I took my seat in the tourney, and got active early taking small pots and building a LAG image.... then lost half my stack with KK v AJ. An hour later, and after one shove too many, I was out.

So, onto the cash tables armed with £200 in chips. Sat at a £1/£2 table thinking £200 was the capped buy in.... only to find a guy with £3000 join on my immediate left after three hands - not good, and became impossible to play..... moved to a more comfortable 50p/£1 table and proceeded to donk off £200. Gave up at 3am and hit the road dejected and down hearted. All night it had been the same story - rubbish cards, played really badly.

On the M1, the gantry signs told me the M42 was closed - bugger! That meant my 90 minute journey was going to be even longer, and bed was even further away. Down the M1, M69, M6 and finally onto the M42. At J6 on the M42 the gantry signs warned of queue on slip road and 40mph speed limit - I don't think so!! I cruised through at 90+ and onto J5..... same signs, same reaction. Before J4, the world turned blue and Mr Plod asked me to have a seat in the back of his rather nice Jag. The video showed me at 100.39mph, but he pointed out that my driving was fine and the road deserted, so no court summons required and fixed penalty would suffice (whew!).

Then he pointed out that I had gone through the two 40mph sections at 90+, and would probably pick up tickets from the cameras!! I argued the toss that to have a 40mph speed limit on an empty three lane motorway at 4am was just plain daft - he agreed, and said the signs were probably still left on from the previous evening's rush hour, however I must still obey them.

So, in summary, £30 worth of fuel, £242 for poker, £60 fixed penalty, £120 more fixed penalties possible, and between 3 and 9 points on my license. No matter how bad a night I have playing online, I never ever get results like that..................... QED online is just so much better than live!!!

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