Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Grinding Good

Back to the grind, and seem to be finding a rhythm - hope this isn't a huge bok though.

Whilst Jul and Aug were both only partial months (started this scheme part way through July, then was away for most of August), September is my first crack at a full month. Jul and Aug were barely profitable, and despite playing in excess of 220 tournaments each month, I ended up just the right side of break even.

September is going a little better though - just 7 days into the month, and having played 167 tournaments, I've sustained an ROI of over 20%, and am in profit for $718, of which I will be paid 60%, plus bonus dependant on volume.

Within the 167 tournaments in September, there were a few punts at MTTs.... however the bulk were 155 Turbo 6-max STTs, where the profit is $838, and ROI is 24.57. Happy days!!

Hope I can keep up the September win-rate....

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