Monday, 27 September 2010

Time for a Kit-Kat, time for a break..?

Probably the worst mistake I've ever made was posting the previous blog entry. Within a day the downswing set in, and did so in some style. All profits earned early in the month have been washed away, along with another $300 - a $1.1k downswing across ~500 tourneys in three weeks!!

So I would like to take this opportunity to humbly apologise to the poker gods, who I seem to have offended in some way. I would offer up a sacrifice in your honour, but sadly through endless bad beats and lost races, I have nothing left to offer. I don't suppose a toasted lamb will do it?

This morning I watched a 20 min vid someone sent me - a film called The Secret. It talks about the law of attraction, and how negative thinking attracts negativity and negative results.... conversely therefore, the power of positive thinking should be embraced. So, in an effort to try anything to cut the downswing, I thought of all the nice thoughts I could muster, put some nice music on, and set about playing 20 STTs - 14 $10 games and 6 $20 games. I managed to come second in two of the $10 games and lost the rest.... total buy in $286 with a return of $36 - $250 down for the session.

In that 20 game session alone I ran KK into AA 4 times, ran AA into underpairs twice and lost both, and flopped set under set twice. Sighhhhh positive thoughts can go screw themselves!

I feel I need to take a break - not because I need to recover some positive thinking, but more because I just hate the game now, and there really is no point labouring over something I'm not enjoying. Problem is, I need to get through another 40 games in September to reach my next bonus cutoff point - but is it really worth playing those 40 games if all I manage to do is negate any bonus with more losses. Currently I've played 660 games in September over 149 hours for a loss of -$300, and my bonus at this point is +$190.... so if the month ends now I carry a -$110 deficit into October.

What's annoying most is that I'm not actually doing a great deal wrong and am happy with my game. Just once in a while it would be nice if I could win a race.

The Secret.......

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